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Aamina Sheikh wearing Ammara Khan peshwas.

Designer: Nida Azwer [x
Photography: Ali Khurshid [x]
Model: Humaima Malick 

Nida Azwer’s “Urban Jungle” Collection.
Model - Sadaf Kanwal.
Photography - Nadir Firoz Khan
Styling - Maha Burney
Makeup - Umayr Waqar

Pakistani Celebrities on Red Carpet # 3!

This isn’t exactly red carpet but I really wanted to feature this in the series because lets face it, Hadiqa Kiani's style is very questionable and she doesn't always get it right. This look was the only one in the entire Pakistan Idol season that I really loved. First off, I was already in love with this sari from Fahad Hussayn's Kaala Pani collection. I remember going gaga over it the first time I saw it. However, what is really nice about Hadiqa's look is that she paired a very strong sari with soft hair and makeup and we all know bad hair and makeup can ruin any outfit. Usually, Hadiqa goes overboard with hair and a lot of the times I'm embarrassed for her but here everything looks.. right.. and balanced. 

Pakistani model Amna Ilyas posing for Asim Jofa.

Photography by Guddu Shani.


Amna Ilyas in Nida Azwer 
photography by Rizwan ul Haq
Styling by Omayr Waqar 




Feeha Jamshed’s gorgeous collection that she dedicated to her sister who had passed away.

I love how Feeha makes edgy clothes but they also look so comfortable. Feeha excels in cuts, one of my fav designer!


Pakistani model Amna Baber got her hair and makeup done at Natasha Salon for a friend’s mehndi.

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