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Ethnic umbrella at Kayseria’s fashion show.

Ethnic umbrella at Kayseria’s fashion show.

HSY’s “Sher” collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, April 2014

Aristocratic Glamour by Fahad Hussayn.
Model: Noor Bhatty
Styling & Photography: Maram & Aabroo.

I always say this, Khaadi can never go wrong. One of my favorite collections at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week!

Haha, this is a perfect depiction of the LAWN mania in Pakistan! The lawn craze has become so big in Pakistan that ladies are willing to fight and pull each others’ hair at exhibitions! lol

Have you had any interesting experience at these exhibitions? Do share, I would love to hear it!

Karma presented its “Karma Ki Rajasthani Kahani” at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

I love this by MK Nation!

I love this by MK Nation!

Anonymous asked: Whats in style for the upcoming eid? I need to order some clothes, i know its kind of far away but still, ahahaha

Oh wow. I would recommend that you wait until the Eid season because Eid collections have gone big in Pakistan. Every designer launches separate Eid collections now. And if you’re ordering online, speedy delivery is also available in different stores. But if that doesn’t change your mind then lets see….

Bright colors are very in as you can see from lots of pret collections I have posted. You cannot ignore your pant/shalwar/pajama anymore, printed statement pants are very much in style now. If you’re a minimalist like me, don’t go big on prints for the shirt, keep it simple. Shorter hemlines are making a comeback as well but if thats not your thing then long kameez are not going anywhere.

Hope this helps :)